How much is a website?

There is no suitable answer to the question of the price. A new website design is based on the needs of the individual project. Each site is unique and requires different components. Each company is different in size, different in type of business, has its own needs. I develop custom websites specifically for your business.

I have a lot of questions to ask before I can make an offer, an offer can only be determined based on your needs.

How long does a website take?

Usually 5 to 8 weeks, but the duration of the individual projects is usually determined by the customer. At the Initial phase: How much input and how quick the customer provides the input, how fast is the availability of feedback in all phases up to completion.

Are all websites designed with Joomla CMS?

Yes, Joomla CMS is a known, excellent, and one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) of our time.
I use it myself, since 2008 I follow the system and gained the knowledge. I like to work with Joomla.

Can I change my website myself?

Of course you can, by using Joomla CMS (content management systems), you can maintain your website content at any time via the web browser. You do not need any programming skills, you only need a little time, a little instruction, for example. in:

How do I update the content?
How do I add new pages?
How do I exchange pictures?

Let's get together and speaking everything about my support extension "Introduction to Joomla CMS".

Do you update my website?

Gladly, this task I can take over. Let's get together and discuss my technical update support extension.

Where is my website hosted?

All sites created with Joomla CMS, here I recommend a Joomla CMS (Content Management System) suitable and specially aligned hosting. Please ask me!

When do I have to pay?

I need a deposit of 50% to start the project. In the middle of the project I need a second payment of 20% and the balance of 30% is due when I am ready to start your website.

My budget is low, Can you give me any quotes?

Here I recommend my START PACKAGE

Hardware / Software - Solução!

Problems with Windows 10? Hardware / Software - Solução

Você tem problemas com o Windows 10?

Estou muito satisfeito com o Windows 10!
Talvez alguém tenha problemas com o Windows 10!
Em comparação com MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP, 7, 8 ...

Windows 10 é melhor do que todas as outras versões!

Eu estou oferecendo meu serviço - soluções e treinamento ...

Soluções de hardware / software!

Reparação - PC´s, portateis!

Prestação do meu serviço!


Sr. Claus

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Sites atraente, personalizado e informativo.

Concepção e implementação de web sites dinâmicos e aplicações baseadas em web.

Todos os meus serviços em design do site:

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TEL.:  (00351) 282 352 672
TLM.: (00351) 914 123 160


TEL.:  (00351) 282 352 672
TLM.: (00351) 914 123 160
Claus von Ahlefeldt-Dehn
Sesmarias Lote 198
8400-565, Carvoeiro Lagoa, Algarve - Portugal